Established in the year 2000, Rama Restaurants is the market leader in today’s Bali food industry. Our motto is food, fun and passion, which are emphasized in everything that we present to our guests. Our proven track-records of experience and understanding within the field provide strong foundation in doing what we do. We are committed in providing only the best
to Bali’s visitors and alike.
Our establishment was marked by the opening of a Japanese Restaurant; Take. This restaurant was like a seed that slowly
got bigger and triggered other restaurants to open like Stadium, Bluefin, Flapjaks, Seafood House, Honey & Bread, Al Dente, and Bubu. More restaurants will open in other locations within Indonesia.
Each dining venue is unique and memorable offering extraordinary food and ambience and always located in prime locations
with easy access. Good location, great food and reasonable prices are what we provide. Come and enjoy our restaurants.